Ways To Repair Damaged Hardwood Flooring

Barbara Swarthow - Tue 16 May 2017 -


damaged hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors have a beautiful elegance and character that many flooring options will never have. But when they become damaged, which they easily do, repairing them can become costly. Especially when water damage is present, replacing the entire floor may be the only option; and that can be very expensive.

Painting hardwood floors can be an option for fixing heavily scuffed, scrapped or chipped flooring. It is a great way for saving money when repair budgets are slim.


When hardwood floors have become naturally distressed from heavy foot traffic (kids), it may be easily repairable, but heavy traffic will continue. Instead of fighting the natural process of distressing, embrace it by painting your flooring white.  Be sure to vacuum your hardwood floors extremely well before priming or painting.  This will ensure you have a nice, smooth finish.

A white floor will distress naturally and create an antique look that can easily fit into a number of design themes. White hardwood floor paint is also the cheapest paint because it is pigment free.


Why buy rugs when you can paint them on! Never worry about pushing that crinkled up rug back into place once the dog runs across it, it’s painted on for good! Many different style rug designs from square to round to rectangle can be painted in a number of ways. Painting rugs in strategic spots that have serious damage to the hardwood flooring can help cover up blemishes easily. This works especially well for water damage.


This hardwood floor painting technique is a great way to add dimension and space to a confined room. With subtle patterns, a small room can seem bigger. Stripes also cover up splits and cracks that form along the length of damaged hardwood flooring planks.


Alternating colors and borders with a checkerboard pattern can easily breathe life back into an old hardwood floor. Damaged sections can be disguised with a well placed checkerboard pattern.


If minimal damage is located near the walls, such as damage from water or furniture, a border can be painted around the outer edge to conceal the damage. This way you’ll still save the beauty of your hardwood floor, and still add character while disguising blemishes.

Stair Risers

Hardwood flooring many times leads to hardwood stairs. And many times those stairs are heavily trafficked. Risers are easily painted multiple colors to add a dramatic and random appearance for staircase risers. Treads can also be painted, however care should be taken as creating a rough surface to prevent slips.